External Plugin

This is a third-party plugin. Please report issues in its Github Repository

# Buidler Contract Sizer

Output Solidity contract sizes with Buidler.

# Installation

yarn add --dev buidler-contract-sizer

# Usage

Load plugin in Buidler config:


Add configuration under the contractSizer key:

option description default
alphaSort whether to sort results table alphabetically (default sort is by contract size) false
runOnCompile whether to output contract sizes automatically after compilation false
contractSizer: {
  alphaSort: true,
  runOnCompile: true,

Run the included Buidler task to output compiled contract sizes:

yarn run buidler size-contracts

# TypeScript Support

For TypeScript compatibility, add 'node_modules/buidler-contract-sizer/type-extensions.d.ts' to the files array in tsconfig.json.