npm buidler

# buidler-ganache

This Buidler plugin automatically starts and stops Ganache when running tests or scripts.

# What

This plugin creates a network named ganache. When this network is used, a Ganache server will be automatically started before running tests and scripts, and stopped when finished.

# Installation

npm install --save-dev @nomiclabs/buidler-ganache

And add the following statement to your buidler.config.js:


# Tasks

This plugin hooks into the test and run tasks to wrap them in the instantiation and termination of a ganache-core instance. This plugin creates no additional tasks.

# Environment extensions

This plugin doesn't extend the Buidler Runtime Environment.

# Usage

There are no additional steps you need to take for this plugin to work.

# Configuration

You can set any of the Ganache's options through the ganache network config. All of them are supported, with the exception of accounts.

This example sets a larger block gas limit and the default balance of Ganache's accounts.

module.exports = {
  defaultNetwork: "ganache",
  networks: {
    ganache: {
      gasLimit: 6000000000,
      defaultBalanceEther: 10

Note: The accounts option is not currently supported.